Looking to find a home not only in Psych Club, but also on campus? Look no further! Psychology Club families are for you. Through a quick 5min survey, we look at your personality types, goals for the future, ideal days, and whatnot to sort you into one of four families (we were inspired by Harry Potter) where we feel you'd meet people that will jive with you! The families are Freud, Pavlov, Piaget, and Jung, all named after influential Psychologists. No one family is better than the other, each has it's own strengths. We have a family with a high concentration of corgi lovers, one who seems to really love music and created a family Spotify playlist! Throughout the semester we will have family competition events like Family Feud in Fall and the much anticipated Amazing Race in Spring. Feel free to spread some light-hearted banter, it's part of the fun! The link below provides the survey and asks for your email at the bottom, this is so I can inform you of your family once it's submitted. I can't wait to see you at our next Psych Club event! 
Take the Family Survey:

Freud Family

Family Heads: Ashleigh Smith, Kenna Rudominer

Ana Arrocha, Julissa Balderas, Mariana Baya, Abigail Bedenbaugh, Sara Dennis, Caroline Dibble, Alan Doron, Julia Fuentes, Julia Gaesser, Nicole Hall, Victoria Harper-Alexander, Chloe Kaminsky, Radhika Mahendru, Veronica Martinez, Karen Michel, Myles Mireles, Sara Myers, Rachel Narzissenfeld, Amy Nekhaila, Komal Parikh, Shane Richardson, Leane Santos-Silva, Emily Shaffer, Gina Uriarte, Rachel Walton, Hannah Whittle, Taryn Williamson

Jung Family

Family Heads: Nicole Reynolds, Simran Kandola

Gwen Altman, Laura Asensio, Kacie Brady, Brian Branstetter, Kayla Clark, Lydia Colon, Karina Conde, Maria Fahmy, Elizabeth Fernandez, Lauren Fisher, Izabella Fletcher, Lily Goldberg, Erin Hilsabeck, Amanda Johnson, Maya Lanzone, Julieta Lescano, Justin Nelson, Harmandeep Punni, Emma Schrago, Benjamin Spoto, Sophia Velasco, Isabella Versace, Isabelle Wein, Gabrielle Whitler, Annette Wilson

Piaget Family

Family Heads: Cristina Rodriguez, Sophie Stypelkoski

Alexandra Ariel, Rachel Burress, Nicolas Cardenas, Avery Chard, Alexandria Ariel Chen-Fraser, Vincente DiVito, Noah Huggins, Anaya Johnson, Timothy Johnson, Alyssa Kraft, Michaela Luyao, Victoria Moore, Emlyn Muska, Antonio Nazario, Valeria Rincones, Julissa Rodriguez, Veronica Rogers, Justin Santos, Marissa Thomson, Kasea Turner, Omar Viera, Devin Vozza, Farwah Zaidi, Liel Zoran

Pavlov Family

Family Heads: Rachel Wisolmerski, Kaylee Ayres, Annika Oberdorfer

Ray Ali, Sarah Brensel, Patricia Chauca, Julia Dawson, Amya Ellison, Matthew Garrepy, Brittany Gendler, Amanda Gustafon, Angela Han, Marian Hernandez, Christina Howell, Jiaqi Huang, Tiffany Kreuger, Kelsey Lucien, Anakarina Mokhtary, Emlyn Muska, Julianna Panton, Brooke Peck, Lilian Phillips, Sophia Rougraff, Simone Shamas, Julia Sivco, Angie Todd

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