Who Joins?

Anyone can join! Though most members major in psychology or other social sciences, there are plenty of criminology, biology, pre-law, and students anywhere in between. As long as you have an interest in psychology or any of the areas it illuminates (which is a surprisingly large amount...EVERYTHING is psychological in some way!), you are a perfect fit for the UF Psychology Club.

What Do We Do?

Bi-weekly meetings are held throughout the semesters. At each meeting, a free pizza dinner is provided, announcements are made, and a guest speaker presents on his/her specialty. We've had speakers present on everything from Teach for America, grad school application tips, the Alachua County Crisis center, and many more! Research opportunities and helpful information are constantly provided. In order to maintain an active membership, members participate in one of each of four types of events: Academic, Fundraising, Philanthropy, and Social.

Fall 2019 Active Members!

Gwen Altman

Kacie Brady

Sara Brensel

Kayla Clark

Lydia Colon

Karina Conde

Julia Dawson

Sara Dennis

Izabella Fletcher

Brittany Gendler

Lily Goldberg

Nicole Hall

Angela Han

Marian Hernandez

Erin Hilsabeck

Jiaqi Huang

Chloe Kaminsky

Simran Kandola

Tiffany Kreuger

Veronica Martinez

Emlyn Muska

Rachel Narzissenfeld

Justin Nelson

Juliana Panton

Brooke Peck

Leane Santos-Silva

Emma Schrago

Emily Shaffer

Benjamin Spoto

Kasea Turner

Gina Uriarte

Isabella Versace

Devin Vozza

Annette Wilson

Fall 2019 Exemplary Members

Kaylee Ayres

Alyssa Kraft

Michaela Luyao

Harmandeep Punni

Nicole Reynolds

Shane Richardson

Cristina Rodriguez

Kenna Rudominer

Ashleigh Smith

Sophie Stypelkoski

Rachel Wisolmerski

Fall GBM #6!

When: Wednesday, November 20th

Where: LIT 109

Time: 6:15-7:15pm

Club Calendar

Follow Us on Social Media!

Facebook: UF Psych Club and Psi Chi '19

Twitter: @uf_psychclub

Instagram: @uf_psychclub 

Snapchat: ufpsychclub

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