How do I join Psychology Club?
Come to a meeting! We meet every other Wednesday from 6:15pm-7:15pm. Please check Facebook for the room location. Everyone is welcome! See below for how you can become an active or exemplary member.

Do I have to be a Psychology major to join this club?

No! All majors are welcome. As long as you have an interest in psychology or any of its related fields (which is a surprisingly large amount...EVERYTHING is psychological in some way), you are a perfect fit for the UF Psychology Club. 


When and where are the meetings and events?

Our meetings are held every other Wednesday from 6:15pm-7:15pm.          


January 22nd       6:15-7:15pm 

February 5th         6:15-7:15pm

February 19th       6:15-7:15pm

March 11th            6:15-7:15pm

March 25th           6:15-7:15pm

April 8th               6:15-7:15pm


You can keep track of our meetings and events using our online club calendar.


What is an active member and how do I become one?

Active members are members who have paid dues, have attended at least 3 of the 6 General Body Meetings, and have gone to at least 1 of every type of event (Social, Academic, Fundraising, Philanthropy) for the semester.


Exemplary members have paid dues, have attended at least 3 of the 6 General Body Meetings, and have gone to at least 2 of every type of event for the semester.


Active and exemplary member status is awarded at the end of each semester at the semester banquet. Your "Active" status reflects your participation during the current semester.


How much are dues? When are these due?

Dues cost $40 for the year or $25 for the semester. Fall dues include a Fall club t-shirt. Fall/Spring dues include a discounted ticket for the semester banquet. They are due by the 3rd General Body Meeting of the semester. If you paid for the whole year in Fall, your dues have been paid for Spring.


You must pay either semester or yearly dues by the 3rd General Body Meeting to be considered an active or exemplary member for that semester. We now have a VENMO account to make money collection at events easier. You can add our account @UF-Psych-Club or you can look us up using our email It can be used for events all year. Always reach out to our treasurer, Sophia, to fill out our transaction form and to ensure we have received your payment via VENMO.


DO NOT make payments through VENMO unless you are at a Psychology Club event or have contacted our treasurer, Rachel. She must provide you with the accompanying transaction form. 


What's the difference between Psychology Club and Psi Chi?

Psychology Club is UF's largest organization for Psychology. Our club holds meetings, events, and resources for UF students who have an interest in Psychology.


Psi Chi is the International Honor Society for Psychology. This honor/affiliation is obtained through acceptance of an application (see below).


You do not have to be a Psychology Club member to apply for Psi Chi, or to be accepted into Psi Chi. However, the Psychology Club officer board serves as the liaison between UF and Psi Chi national headquarters. We send your applications to Psi Chi on your behalf, and we hold induction ceremonies at each semester banquet for those who have been accepted.


Besides the induction ceremony, UF's chapter of Psi Chi does not hold additional meetings or events.


Who can join Psi Chi?

Requirements for Psi Chi can be found here:


Transfer students are invited to apply to Psi Chi if they have met the above requirements at UF and/or their previous institution. You must bring in official transcripts for each institution you have taken psychology courses at.


Applications for Psi Chi are due by our 4th General Body Meeting, March 11th.


How many points do I have/I think I'm missing points?

You can check out your points on our new Google Sheets. If you see a discrepancy in your points, contact the director of that event (contact information can be found on the Contact Us page) as well as the Secretary, Cristina, at


Remember to sign in at every meeting and event you attend so that we have an accurate record of your points.


I missed the last meeting. What did we do?

Have no fear! We post the meeting's PowerPoint, as well as guest speaker PowerPoints (if available), on our Facebook page after each meeting. You can also refer to our Club Calendar and our weekly Listserv for important dates and information.


Not on the Listserv? Email the Secretary, Cristina, at with 'Listserv' in the subject line.


I have scheduling conflicts. What should I do?

Email the Secretary, Cristina, at if you cannot make general body meetings or events due to classes or work. You can still be considered an active member if you meet the event requirement, pay dues, and attend any meetings that you can.


What's the banquet all about?

Psychology Club hosts a semester banquet for both Fall and Spring to celebrate the end of the semester, induct new members into Psi Chi, and recognize members who have qualified for active or exemplary membership status. The banquet does not count for points and is meant to serve as a semi-formal honorary event with catering. Banquet tickets must be purchased in advance for admission.


Don't see your question here?

Email the Secretary, Cristina, at if you have any other questions or concerns.

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